Weight Loss Surgery As AN INSTRUMENT For Changing Lifestyle?

Weight Loss Surgery As AN INSTRUMENT For Changing Lifestyle?

This article critically explores the strain between perceptions of weight-loss surgery as a last resort so that as a tool. This tension is due to patients’ doubt and insecurity whether targets for a wholesome life should come through. Thus, even after surgery, traditional weight loss methods, including exercise and diets, are considered paramount.

Drawing on some interviews with Norwegian women, we argue that the commercialization of weight reduction surgeries as well as the moral stigmas attached to such operations provide to perpetuate this stress. More specifically, the women were advised to leave their old behaviors behind, and embrace a wholesome and more vigorous lifestyle.

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In such weather, we claim that undergoing surgery without embodying eating and exercise norms is barely a choice eventually. On the other hand, these turn into a moral obligation that modern women need to relate to-and perhaps negotiate-in order to repudiate stigmas attached to weight-loss surgeries as a quick fix for those not capable of losing weight in the “proper” manner.

Sometimes you need guidance and sometimes you merely need several of your peers to help you out. There are a number of methods for you to get the help you will need — from 12-step organizations such as Overeaters Anonymous to HMO sponsored weight-loss organizations. Whether you need some psychiatric guidance or just need to speak with a nutritionist about creating a unique weight loss plan for you, often a professional hand is just what you need.

I’m sure your own doctor would be happy to make a recommendation. After weight reduction surgery, and before surgery often, the doctor will put you on an extremely restricted diet. Frequently, it is some form of liquid diet that can be used during the initial recovery period because your abdomen will not be able to deal with solid food. This is one way you actually lose weight after surgery — by dieting! So why not try the post-bariatric surgery diet without having the surgery? If you’ve been discussing operative options with your physician, talk to him or her about the weight loss diet that’s used with bariatric patients. You may find that this diet shall allow you to reduce the weight, ultimately making the surgery unneeded.

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