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Bambi De La Cruz Makeup Artistry Blog

Two professional photographers are tying the knot in per month. These two hold an extremely special place in my heart. I used to be the bride’s previous stalker and she was my very first model once I was getting started. She’s a photographer (that dabbles in modeling and performing) by occupation and the groom complements her using projects.

The few also happened to be our professional wedding photographers, and to ask me to do makeup for his or her prenuptial shoot is something that’s just amazing and something that I was really happy to do. I had been the one excited for them too! Owen is such a dear to work with.

She’s pretty, her epidermis is flawless, and she comes ready always. She’s the perfect canvas for anything. Because of this shoot, Owee opted for traditional makeup instead of airbrush, as it’s her preferred medium for herself. Although Richard said it was okay never have makeup on him and generously lent his makeup time to Owee, I insisted on wielding my finishing powder and spritzer for picture-perfect and shine-free freshness. Joel Francisco did these awesome shots.

Joel is an excellent friend of Owen who she’s worked with covering events and wedding ceremonies. Isn’t it fun to utilize friends? Everyone is at ease. The picture above is an extremely candid shot, in fact. That day The weather also cooperated. Even at 12 noon, the sky acted just like a giant softbox and had a good amount of clouds too, so there have been no exposed shots or unflattering shadows. Isn’t it cool that very familiar place I was raised in has little pockets of land that with the right angle, seemed to whisk viewers away to a location away from the city? To get more of Joel’s shots of the couple, you could view his post here and check out his website for further of his amazing works also. Less than per month to go, Richard and Owee. Are you guys ready?

  • You rest with your makeup
  • Being happy never goes out of style
  • 8 years back from WEST VIRGINIA
  • Cleans base easily
  • Limited mobility
  • Honey-1 tsp

To quote a favorite television program, ‘Winter is Coming’ and with it comes a specific contingent of beauty concerns-chief of which include dry epidermis, uneven complexion, and dull locks. From applying rose oil to one’s face to massaging a halved-orange on one’s elbows and legs, the following natural beauty rituals and tips are sure to banish the most common beauty concerns year-round.

Banishing dry skin is a three-step process-drink, exfoliate, moisturize. Moisturisation works from the within out; one cannot function with no other. Dry pores and skin in winter is chiefly caused by the drier, harsher climate, but it is exacerbated by the fact that we have a tendency to consume less fluids, water especially, in winter.

Make a point to drink at least six cups of water a day, if you are not feeling particularly thirsty even, which in winter we are not. Day If you cannot bring yourself to drink six cups of water on a cold, plain herbal tea is an excellent substitute for at least half of your daily required water intake.

Exfoliation is essential not limited to, removing dry, flaky epidermis also for promoting epidermis regeneration as well as for optimizing cell-turnover. A skincare regimen that includes an effective exfoliant-lemon juice is a good natural alternative for facial exfoliation, whilst the brown sugar and olive oil scrub are ideal for your body-will leave your skin layer glowing. Also, rubbing orange halves in circular motions on epidermis after bathing will focus on even the shiest of elbows and knees. Of course, topical moisturisation is key for banishing dried out pores and skin, and insofar as winter can be involved you should choose for richer face and body lotions than your tried-and-tested summer season staples.

For cosmetic moisturisation, make sure to check that the richer face cream you decide on is non-comedogenic-i.e. As as body lotion can be involved much, shea butter is an extremely nourishing, natural component that you shall want to consider in your lotion. Premature aging is parcel and part of dehydration. Whilst skin does naturally lose elasticity over time and fine lines and wrinkles have a tendency to set in once we get older, often the severity of ‘aging’ is frustrated by dry skin. Dehydration lines are not a myth, and even genuine lines and wrinkles often show up deeper credited to dehydration.

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