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Below are 10 common makeup myths. You can find more beauty related myths out there but I thought I’d reveal the 10 misconceptions that basically get my goat. Myth: Chocolate causes spots. Reality: Chocolate doesn’t make you develop places (or should I say ‘blemishes’ as that is the proper terminology) and it never would; the same applies to other foods.

Foods don’t cause under your skin spots, places, or mild/major breakouts, it is the ingredients within the foodstuffs that do. In the event that you notice a rash of any sort (including a rash that could resemble a breakout) the chances are that you will be allergic to a certain component within a food, e.g. lactose, lactose is found in dairy products.

We cannot say that chocolates, and other food stuff, cause areas because they don’t, it’s certain ingredients that do. You now all know that chocolate aren’t the reason why you get areas, feel free to eat as many kinder eggs as you like! Myth: Makeup causes acne. Reality: There is no scientific evidence that makeup causes acne. Like with foods Again, it’s certain ingredients within makeup that can irritate your skin and can cause allergic reactions, acne, and breakouts. A good example would be if you have oily skin and use a product which has oil, there would be a little chance that would irritate the skin and cause a reaction.

  1. Light Spring
  2. If you do any kind of DIY, eye health care means wearing safety eyeglasses
  3. Retrace your outline with the same color Paradise to create a thicker, bold range
  4. Paraben- free, no artificial color, and Mineral oil- free

We cannot say a product causes reactions, breakouts of acne, it’s all right down to one or more ingredients within the merchandise. So next time you think your favorite foundation is leading to you to use, have a re-think as the likelihood is that your skin layer isn’t agreeing with a certain component. One common component that causes reactions is ‘Bismuth Oxychloride’ so if you notice that your skin layer isn’t agreeing with a product, check the substances as you’ll probably find it consists of this little beast.

The only other ways to prevent areas, breakouts of acne are cleansing your face properly and cleaning/sanitising your makeup brushes and products frequently. Myth: Refresher sprays set your makeup in place. Refresher sprays are purely intended to make your skin appear and feel fresher, and they are also used to help the powder mix into the skin. Refresher sprays can be employed underneath or together with makeup.

Refresher sprays can be employed after makeup software and they can also be put on bare skin before makeup program, they may also be used on their own. Refresher sprays are usually used as an instant fix to freshen up makeup hence why they are commonly used on flights. If you’re looking for something to create your makeup set up, you need to buy a setting spray, types of setting sprays include, Skindinavia, Metropolitan Model, and Decay Within a Bottle.

Refresher sprays are drinking water based, which freshen the face whereas setting sprays are alcohol centered, which arranged the real face. Myth: You should match the foundation to your hand or jawline. Reality: Wrong, you should match your base to your hand or cheek never. Myth: You need to use a lighter concealer underneath your eye. Reality: A lot of people think that you need to use a lighter concealer underneath your eyes to conceal under-eye circles, but you really shouldn’t do this as you will not conceal the circles, you’ll actually emphasize (highlight) them.

If you apply a lighter concealer to under-eye circles, blemishes, or any other flaws all you are going to do is make them more obvious. If you are attempting to make your face appear brighter, you will need to correct your under-eye circles with the corrector or a concealer that fits your base and then you need to use a brightening concealer at the top. To recap, for banishing under-eye circles you should employ a corrector or a concealer that matches your foundation. Also to banish circles and brighten the face you need to use a corrector or a concealer that fits your foundation and then you will need to apply a brightening concealer.

Myth: You can use a browser to contour with. Reality: Bronzers should only ever be utilized for bronzing the face/body and nothing at all else. If you contour with a browser it isn’t heading to look right, it’ll look like you’ve either not washed that person for a season or you’ll resemble an some loop. The key reason why we shouldn’t contour with a broker is basically because they have a tendency to be orange toned, many of them usually have a shimmer/satin surface finish too.

When contouring you should employ products that are gray toned, you can use anything to contour with (e.g. sculpting powders, sculpting creams, basis, concealer, eyeshadow, paint pots) just as long it’s a mid-toned brown with gray tones. You also need to be aware that you should use matte finishes as opposed to satin coatings as satin surface finishes will not look natural. Myth: If you wish to look tanned, use a darker basis. Reality: If you use a darker basis to make yourself look more ‘tanned’ your makeup isn’t heading to look right, there’ll be an apparent range around your hairline, ears, and jawline.

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