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Yvonne And Her Playground Singapore Lifestyle And Beauty Blog

I am always thrilled and filled with joy whenever I could find time to blog and talk about beauty related knowledge with all of you! I am also grateful for everyone’s continuous support for my humble blog. A few weeks back, I received Sally Hansen’s invitation because of their workshop to learn about how exactly we can better care for our nails. The workshop started with the instructor teaching us how to choose suitable nail form predicated on our finger form, length and the size of our nail. It is a great deal of knowledge to decide the right nail form, so it is best to consult an expert, a manicurist or google about any of it in order to choose your perfect toe nail shape.

Next, it is about the correct ways to file our nails in order to prevent damaging the nails. I learnt that we have to hold the nail file solidly and always file the nail in a single direction instead of filing along in two directions. We also learnt the right ways to use the brush to get the appropriate amount of toe nail polish.

Roll the nail polish bottle between your palms to warm up the toenail polish within. Next, we learned about the use of toenail polish and how to choose the correct shade for your fingernails. Always start painting from the little finger and other fingertips proceed to the thumb then. Take a look at your little finger, it you have small nail, go for lighter nail polish shade as well as for bigger nail, you can opt for darker nail polish shade. For light nail polish shade, you will need 3 coats as well as for dark nail polish shade, 2 jackets will be sufficient. For those who have weaker nails, Sally Hansen is well known for products to care for your nails and cuticles.

This is a highly effective intensive look after severely dried out and dehydrated fingernails and cuticles. It really is a light-weight serum that dries clear and leave the cuticles and fingernails conditioned, hydrated and stronger. To the nails Apply, cuticles and under the fingernails and massage it carefully for the serum to be thoroughly absorbed.

23.50) is also another strongly suggested product. The product comes with an exclusive micro-mineral formulation that fills in breaks to instantly improve and reinforce nails and you will get up to 50% stronger nails in 5 times. It prevents the peeling and cracking of fingernails and it helps to seal the nail plate and connection the layers together. 23.50) is here to help. This is an advance thickening treatment focusing on soft, ridge and thin nails.

It comes with an exclusive calcium and ceramic gel formula to reinforce and smooth nails. You may expect up to 70% thicker fingernails in 4 days. To completely care for our nails, here will be the steps like how we care and attention for your skin on our face just. Sally Hansen had also improved their brush quality such that the brush is now firm enough for easier coating of the nails which is also simpler to draw straight lines to make the nail art effect.

I wish this post is useful for people looking for effective products to improve your fingernails and learnt about the correct approaches for proper toenail polish application. I understand there’s a lot more knowledge about nails but I am hoping this post provides some enlightening in a simple way. Thank you Sally Hansen for having me at your event! Lastly, Sally Hansen got also kindly prepared 10 goodie hand bags for giveaway! 1. Like our Instagram @SimYvonne and @SallyHansensg. 2. Like my post on Instagram. 3. Comment on my Instagram tag and post friends and family. 4. Multiple entries allowed. 5. Open to my followers residing in Singapore only.

To be able to overcome chapped and broken lips, utilize a moisturizing lotion on them. Lip balms and chap stays will daily which will help prevent damage to the lip muscle apply. As you’ve noticed, wonderful skin care isn’t simply a facial mask on this page or there. All depends about how you care for your epidermis every single day, not only after you have a particular occasion. Use whatever you possess discovered in this specific article to be sure your skin remains wholesome for many years.

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer
  • Greenwala agreed with me when I say life will go beyond Lavender
  • Plain Tissue (Kleenex!)
  • Gentle, yet removes dirt, essential oil and grease well

Following the best skin care tips can help your skin all throughout your life. Your skin can only look after you as well as you help take from it. Dry cracked open up pores and skin leaves you open to catching infections. This is just one reason why it is good to check out good skin care tips.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. Was my former almost-holy grail before I started using hydro increase drinking water gel. Not that hydro increase is way better, but its cheaper and it works better with my azelaic acid. I came across that when I went to using DDMG my epidermis stung for some reason back again.

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