Gastric Bypass Kills

Gastric Bypass Kills

Thinner Times Forum can be an industry-sponsored website and forum set up to lure falling into the weight-reduction surgery meat grinder. I believe they hire shills to sell the idea of paying a butcher/cosmetic surgeon to wreck your digestive system while playing down the problems and the live long problem. We have our investigative reporters on that forum posing as post-and the WLS patients.

Thinner Times Forum is a classic exemplary case of guerrilla marketing so we at Gastric Bypass Kill thought I would return the favor with some guerilla journalism and you, our readers, can help. Follow the link to Thinner Times Forum and register there and start posting. Eventually, start sneaking in facts.

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Be the classic concern troll. Post links to the articles here that post show the true death and problem rate of WLS surgery and its high failure rate. Unfortunately, most online information about the success rates problem rates, and loss of life rates out of this butchery are industry propaganda. They shall let you know that the odds of dying are 1 in 200. That is a lie for two reasons.

These butchers consider a successful surgery one where they patient lives 30 days post surgery. 95% of the tiny intestine is bypassed. When you have got WLS you are nutritionally deficient then. Your intestine, what’s left of it, cannot absorb most vitamins but you can sublingually absorb Vitamin B complex. As for the essential minerals; you’re screwed. Vitamins are simpler to absorb than minerals and a nutrient health supplement is made more sense than taking supplements.

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