Get A Working Job. Choose YOUR JOB. BE READY FOR The Unexpected

Get A Working Job. Choose YOUR JOB. BE READY FOR The Unexpected

Philosophy is a superb degree to obtain your first job. It’s the perfect degree to help you get your next, fifth, and eighth. What colleges don’t let you know is that most graduates change their careers many times. So, if you spent your entire time in college studying anatomist and as it happens that you hate as an engineer, you have to begin from scratch. You’ve squandered your time and effort and money. It’s the same with journalism, pre-med, or law school. It’s the same with anything. But beliefs don’t teach you one specific skill-it explains how to learn, how to believe critically, and how to choose and flourish in whatever career you want.

And if you are up for this, philosophy is an excellent double major. You don’t need to do just beliefs; philosophy works with everything. Philosophy is economic balance. Show me more about the skills and wages of beliefs major. What if I simply want to have a few classes, but not major?

Which classes must I take? It’s no problem finding choosing a course overwhelming, particularly if you haven’t ever used any school of thought before. Not to worry. We will help you choose. We have a list of the most typical courses with short descriptions and, most importantly, the skills that these classes improve usually.

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We also list how many other majors the classes are particularly useful for. Help me choose a class. Are you a successful person with a belief’s degree? Send us your tale so we can show how important beliefs have gone to your daily life and, especially, your careers. It’s easy: just respond to our questions on our contact web page. Send us your tale. Want to find out more about philosophy? Pay attention to our podcast. For eight years, Why? Radio has been making idea accessible and interesting. Join philosopher and host Jack Russell Weinstein as he interviews a few of the world’s most prominent thinkers and shows how philosophy is definitely relevant to day-to-day life.

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