Disney Developing Live-action Remake Of Lilo And Stitch

Disney Developing Live-action Remake Of Lilo And Stitch

Lilo And Stitch are just about the latest animated common to be given the live-action treatment. The film is a mixture of live CGI and action, based on the Hollywood Reporter. Disney has retained Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich – who are working on the live-action Aladdin – to produce.

The 2002 original tells the story plot of the lab-created harmful alien lifeform – Experiment 626 – who is sentenced by the Galactic Federation to exile on a deserted planet. Share But it manages to escape to Earth, where it meets a feisty young Hawaiian orphan lady named Lilo. Believing the alien to be a dog, she adopts it as her names and pet him Stitch, while he goes along with it in an effort to evade detection. It also spawned three direct-to-video and television sequel films, a short film, three animated television series and several video games. It isn’t yet known if the new film is being targeted at a theatrical release, or for Disney’s up-and-coming streaming service.

Lilo And Stitch are merely the latest from the House Of Mouse’s back again catalog to be remade live-action, following Beauty And The Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and the one that kicked it off 101 Dalmatians. Several more are prearranged besides Aladdin, including The Lion King, Dumbo, Mulan, and Lady And The Tramp.

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