New Genome Heralds Change In Lyme Disease Fight

New Genome Heralds Change In Lyme Disease Fight

Results of their research show up today in Science Advances. The researchers dedicated four years to decoding the genetic makeup of the white-footed mouse Peromyscus leucopus, which harbors the Lyme disease-causing bacteria. Unlike mice that scurry into human being homes, these rodents inhabit forests, shrubbery, and wetlands. People become infected whenever a tick bites them after feeding on the white-footed mouse carrying the bacteria.

Lyme disease pioneer Alan Barbour, M.D. Barbour co-discovered Borreliella burgdorferi, the bacteria causing the illness. He could be a teacher of medication, and microbiology & molecular genetics for the UCI School of Medicine. Long, a geneticist and genomics. While these rodents are called mice, they are more closely related to hamsters than to the home mouse and the researchers’ new data emphasized this fact. With all the genome at hand, the researchers are interested in pursuing several potential avenues for stopping Lyme disease transmission.

Among them are developing an environmentally-safe, humane vaccination method for white-footed mice in the open, a process already used to prevent rabies transmission in other types of animals. They also would like to discover why the rodents don’t develop Lyme disease even though they carry the bacteria. Barbour said. He noted that besides harboring Lyme disease, the rodents carry other emerging infections, including a form of viral encephalitis and illnesses just like malaria and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The white-footed mouse genome is currently available for free download to all or any who are interested in Lyme or in the excess disease-causing microorganisms that may be transferred from the rodent carrier to humans.

The scientists say they wish the information will help others in the pursuit to battle this transmission. Because they move with their investigations forward, the experts say it remains very important to the public to keep safeguarding against Lyme disease by preventing tick bites. Information on how to protect people, yards, and household pets from the insects are on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. The reported number of confirmed and probable Lyme disease cases in America rose more than 17 percent between 2016 and 2017, increasing from 36,429 to 42,743, according to the CDC.

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