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It is indicated in incomplete to full-thickness burns, skin graft donor sites, persistent wounds, diabetic ulcers, and Epidermolysis Bullosa. It needs to be applied “fresh” as it has a shelf-life of 5 days at room temperature. Apligraft has been proven to accelerate wound closure. Apligraft when combined with autograft has produced more favorable results than autograft only.

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  • Green tea extract – 3 ml
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Scar tissues, pigmentation, pliability, and smoothness were significantly nearer to normal with Apligraft. Matriderm Health insurance and (Skin Care AG, Billerbeck, Germany) are a structurally intact matrix of bovine type I collagen with elastin. It really is utilized for dermal regeneration. Its signs are full thickness or deep dermal burn wounds and chronic wounds.

The matrix acts as a support framework for the ingrowth of cells and vessels. Its elastic component boosts the elasticity and stability of the regenerating tissue. As the healing up process advances, fibroblast lays down the extracellular matrix and the Matriderm resorbed. Its signs seem to be similar to Integra. Schneider et al. likened the engraftment rate and rate of vascularization of Matriderm and Integra in a rat model.

They revealed no major distinctions in engraftment rates or vascularisation. However, unlike Integra, Matriderm has been shown to be able to accommodate immediate breakup thickness pores and skin grafting with no reduced take. In experimental models, the matrix reduces wound contracture, and collagen bundles in the scar tissue are more randomly orientated histologically. Clinical trials with a long-term clinical evaluation showed no difference in scar elasticity between the described dermal substitute and split-thickness grafts alone.

However, there is still insufficient medical data on the introduction of wound contracture. OrCel (Fortificell Bioscience, NY, USA) is a bilayered cellular matrix where normal human allogeneic skin cells (epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts) are cultured in two separate layers into a sort I bovine collagen sponge. OrCel is a layer dressing resembling normal epidermis and was developed as a tissue-engineered natural dressing. It really is indicated in the treatment of persistent epidermis and wounds graft donor sites. OrCel has also been used as an overlay dressing on split-thickness epidermal grafts to improve cosmesis and function. Hyalomatrix (Fidia Advanced Biopolymers, Padua, Italy) are a layer hyaluronan base scaffold with autologous fibroblast. It comes with an outer silicone membrane.

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