Some Answers To Owen Jones’ Questions

Some Answers To Owen Jones’ Questions

Before getting to his questions (which I will try to answer later) Owen Jones spends paragraph after paragraph making an attempt to define his stance as being broadly sympathetic to Jeremy Corbyn and his staff. In keeping with Jones the coup-plotter choice to “successfully shut down the functioning of the Opposition when all of the scrutiny ought to be centered on the Tories” was a “disgrace at a time of nationwide crisis”. It’s good to see that Owen Jones’ opinion on the timing and the conduct of the highly, damaging and ineptly conducted pre-plotted Anyone But Corbyn coup is pretty much the identical as my very own.

Lots of individuals have gleefully jumped on Owen Jones weblog put up as if it is some form of savage condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn’s management, however in reality it is actually nothing of the sort. Overall Owen Jones weblog post constitutes extra-or-much less fair commentary and reasonable questions, not the form of savagely biased hatchet job lots of people appear to be portraying it as. Just as Owen Jones felt the need to make clear his own stance earlier than asking his questions, I’ll make clear my own before answering them, however hopefully in fewer than 18 paragraphs.

I’m not and by no means have been a member of the Labor Party. I consider myself a standard Labor voter who was chased away from the social gathering in the course of the Blair/Brown period. The explanation I consider myself a Jeremy Corbyn supporter is that he’s returning the occasion to their conventional values. Before Corbyn got here along I had more sympathy with the Green Party than with Ed Miliband’s Blairite infested Labor shadow cabinet.

1. How can the disastrous polling be turned around? The primary question of the nine is one of the most disappointing as a result of it makes no admission of the fact that Labor’s polling has taken a huge hit for the reason that Anyone But Corbyn coup was launched. After all the polling must be turned round, but the job is going to be a terrible lot tougher now as a result of the damage inflicted on the get together’s popularity by the Anyone But Corbyn coup. There’s nobody magic bullet reply to the question of restoring the Labor Party’s reputation with voters.

If the poll results are to improve it’ll take a strategy primarily based round solutions to the opposite eight questions. 2. Where is the clear vision? Corbyn has two clear visions that have convinced a lot of 1000’s of individuals to half with money to turn into Labor Party members. The first is opposition to Tory austerity.

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The other clear Corbyn vision is to try to restore faith in politics by sticking to his ideas and never being a corrupt, lying opportunist who will say no matter he thinks it takes to serve his own political pursuits. These are two probably popular positions as a result of there may be an absolute mountain of proof of the catastrophic social and economic results of Tory austerity, and because no one likes to be lied to.

3. How are the insurance policies considerably totally different from the last normal election? Corbyn’s position is very totally different from the last Labor manifesto. Ed Miliband supplied half-hearted tinkering with the vitality markets and rail franchises as an alternative of the renationalisation insurance policies that the overwhelming majority of the public want to see. One of the clearest distinctions between Corbyn’s management and the Miliband so-called opposition that preceded it is their precise opposition to malicious Tory laws. Whether you like Corbyn or not, the concept he would collude with the Tories in this type of method to help them cover up their unlawful therapy of unemployed folks is not possible to imagine.

It is also not possible to imagine Corbyn appointing a complacent Blairite fool like Ed Balls as his proper-hand man after which following his hopeless advice to push a catastrophically uninspiring and General Election dropping austerity-lite electoral technique. 4. What’s the media’s technique? In the paragraphs explaining this query Owen Jones makes some good points.

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