I looked up the store online and finally wrote down my MUFE shopping list. I went to the store and, OMG. It had been a makeup heaven! We’re talking about MAC, MUFE, Illamasqua, Ben Nye, Sugarpill Makeup products, OCC, Tom Ford, YSL, and many more! I took my time looking at their products really, and I had fashioned to resist just! It was just like a candy store for kids, except that it wasn’t candy. Kept reminding myself of the: I MUST STICK TO MY LIST (repeat 10 more times).

At DRx Medispa, they have warm lighting and relaxing music so that it is definitely an extremely comfortable and relaxing place for your face. A month of products from Derma-X range After using, they prepared a facial program for me to quicken the procedure to having the flawless face I needed!

For this cosmetic session, they did Essential Facial (Plus) on me! Just as the name stated, this cosmetic treatment is essential for the maintenance of a good complexion! It includes 4 steps. Here, they use an ultrasound device to eliminate inactive cells from skin’s surface and release impurities, oil, blackheads and whiteheads within the skin pores.

  1. Use your colour correction palette to lessen any marks or colours you do not to see
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After this, it shall be easier to allow them to take away the impurities from that person, without damaging the encompassing skin. This involves the removal of superficial layers of your skin with a special machine. This procedure leads to clearer looking pores and skin and if repeated over a period, gives skin a smoother consistency and reduce fine lines! DRx Microdermabrasion was awarded a 4-star “Must-try” ranking by Female mag.

They used Vitamin C on me for a firmer, more youthful skin. Additionally, it is recognized to produce an overall epidermis lightening effect and a more even skin tone! And YES, we can easily see the difference right after the treatment. They ended off the facial treatment with a Therapeutic Mask. MY FAVOURITE PART haha because after the extraction, you will feel just like you need something to cool your face down really.

They applied this really dense and cold cover up on my face and let me rest for some time. This is how my face appears like, immediately after the facial. There is absolutely no downtime after the facial – which means you can go out without looking just like a complete clown immediately after haha.

However, your face will still be somewhat swollen and have some slight red marks caused by extraction. A day Within, they’ll all be gone! I did the facial a day before filming and it was so smooth and flawless the next day, it appears like I’ve no pores whatsoever lol. I am still using Derma-X products! The biggest problem on my face will be my horrible forehead and as you can plainly see from the picture above, it’s pretty solved already, leaving a few acne scars which will just, hopefully, be gone very soon!

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