But Most Of Us Knew Lather

But Most Of Us Knew Lather

Let’s face it: Black girls have their natural hair routine on lock before they even reach adulthood. From our mothers to our aunties to your grandmother’s, the women in our lives to make sure we know exactly what to do with our curly manes. But most of us knew lather, rinse, and repeat before we learned to cleanse, moisturize, and tone.

The epidermis is the largest organ of our anatomies and the very first thing we screen to the world. While we might know our hair type, and well-known products, major aesthetic brands are hardly ever advertising or creating skin care products targeted towards Black women. When Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty hit the market, brands jumped on the diversity train and began to provide foundation shades to cater to the diverse skin tones of women of color.

While we love to have a fresh defeat, we love a fresh face with products that are ideal for our particular pores and skin issues even more. Instead of waiting for major brands to focus on Black girls, some ladies had taken matters into their own hands. Creating a solid skin care regimen is vital to self-care and aging just as gracefully as Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, or even Diddy (FYI: a lot of well-known rappers have bomb skin care routines). BlackGirlMagic shine on point throughout the year. Oh, and they’re affordable, too!

I recently jumped on the Eco Tools bandwagon to get one of these few of their brushes. Some time ago I found their Mattifying Brush. I was very curious of how this brush would work on controlling oil and my skin when it feels oils. Who understood such a clean existed? All day long with the Mattifying Finish Clean Control sparkle and oily pores and skin.

A unique duo-fiber design creates a perfect end with either pressed or loose powder by blending long, straight bristles and short, wavy bristles. The short bristles grab the perfect amount of product, while the long bristles disperse product and easily for complete control and buildable coverage consistently. Use the brush alone for a brand-new, matte look or use it to finish a full-makeup look that stays shine-free all day. Here is a picture of the brush before I applied powder to my face.

This brush picks up face-natural powder well. Without a doubt among the best brushes I own. My epidermis will get oily during the Summer so when it’s not super-hot and humid outdoors, I’ve been using this brush to use my makeup. I must admit, this clean does surpass it’s claims. My favorite feature of this clean is that it offers my makeup a matte finish. I guess the best way to describe more of what I mean is that brush gives me more of an airbrush gentle matte finish.

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In a nutshell a perfect look. I also noticed that throughout the day my makeup does look shine free. This brush doesn’t shed, therefore far it’s pretty durable. If you have oily pores and skin or like me normal to oil skin, I recommend giving this brush a try! Did you miss on Glow Skin and Makeup Week?

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