Implementing A Custom Page Builder

Implementing A Custom Page Builder

As a software outsourcing company, we work on a number of projects and constantly try to increase our expertise. Sometimes, the small ones to grow and be a foundation for long-term partnerships with your client. Among such projects for Redwerk is Justin Alexander bridal dress online platform. They had four separate websites and reached out to us, asking to put them collectively into an individual multi-brand platform predicated on a custom Page Builder for easy managing and administration. Page Builder was our key job in this task, as it allows making changes to different pages of varied styles immediately.

The job of our back-end developers was to code the blocks for keeping different kinds of data and move it on to the front-end team to combine these blocks into different patterns and themes. Here are the solutions to a few of the challenging tasks we have encountered while working on this project.

In this process, we’d to ensure safe data migration from the old sites to the new ones. To do this, our designers created a mechanism to migrate faster and with minimum human conversation. Besides, we applied no-hassle .csv data transfer for services to help make the uploads easier. Implementing a multi-brand system within one domain had not been easy, but we did it: expanded the platform and created new websites for every brand with different styles, product lists, and shops.

Justin Alexander is a worldwide famous brand, which means that its website should be accessible in multiple languages. Our designers have provided this program by allowing admins to add content to the website with translations in 11 languages. Page Builder allows not only uploading images and videos to the site but also instantly sorting them into albums by style and certain guidelines. Besides, all images undergo additional quality marketing and can be edited.

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We are suffering from dynamic filters to make the search far more convenient. The users will see only the settings including at least one item now. We also added a worldwide search option to show the most popular items. The consequence of this search will be inspired by the primacy of conditions.

This feature was added to simplify the process of finding the brand’s nearest shops depending on user location. We have developed an attribute to find the closest events the brand retains by location, stores, or the length from the existing location. The users can now get additional information on the occasions, start to see the location on the map, and register. To make the shopping process faster and easier, we’ve implemented functions allowing users to include items they prefer to favorites, leave notes, filtration system them, and talk about them with friends.

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