HOW DO I EARN A LIVING / Money From Growing And Selling Vegetables At Home?

HOW DO I EARN A LIVING / Money From Growing And Selling Vegetables At Home?

My original allotment is rather large for one person to manage, (about 140 feet long by 18 feet wide), this year what with weeding and do take up a great deal of my time, and all the other work involved. EASILY take on this second parcel (as I’ve agreed to), it is practically the same amount of land all over again, and I would like to know that your time and effort involved can pay off.

One of my biggest problems is I am an extremely petite woman, (only 50 KG), and therefore lack the muscle I have to do the heavier digging etc required much of the time. I am lucky in just as much as the new piece of land is rent free, and everything the owners want in exchange is usually to be in a position to have the unusual few bits of me because of their own use. The seeds themselves are very inexpensive to buy, so my next consideration would have been finding buyers for my crops once they are experienced by me.

I have narrowed down the most desired and profitable crops to the list following, this year mainly based on what I grew, (2009), and what I’ve learned will be the most useful plants to a hotel. Radishes, (especially the world-designed ones. Cress and Mustard, (easily grown at home indoors throughout the year, and ready in under seven days. Anyone can grow this and generate income all year round. A crop I am working on, although it won’t create a saleable product for at least 2-3 years, is asparagus. This is highly profitable, plus the asparagus bed will produce spears for up to twenty years if taken care of.

Sweetcorn, (the hotels just don’t appear to want this “on the cob”, plus it takes up a great deal of room and needs to be planted in blocks to aid pollination. Chinese Radish, (although a quaint looking, white on the outside, red inside, large, lockable variety of radish, I had fashioned practically a zero success rate on these due to dry weather conditions. Trim and Come Lettuce again. This is not the same as a good individual iceberg or cos lettuce, as cut and come again lettuce requires you to harvest the leaves as you will need them, leaving the plant to grow more.

I shall be submitting follow ups to the article as the new season and my new potential start day because of this business approaches. I will be totally honest about my profits, losses, problems, and tensions to ensure that anyone considering a similar line of personal work shall know what to expect, and if this is a practicable “home-based ” option.

Container Gardening What vegetables can be expanded in pots and containers? Sign in or subscribe and post utilizing a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 individuals usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in feedback, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments aren’t for promoting your write-ups or other sites. That is a cool idea! I like to buy local produce from our farmer’s markets and local vendors. Glad you enjoyed it Linda, and thanks for the go with. What a great article!

Brought back a lot of memories while i was younger. We always experienced huge landscapes and following the children grew up my father still had huge gardens and sold his vegetables to local restaurants. Thanks for the tips Cathy. Fortunately I have an extended suffering Husband for the heavy loads in the wheelbarrow. Thesedays I appreciate I possibly could never make a good deal from growing over unless I up scaled greatly and acquired extra manpower. Instead I do it more for fun and for showing in contests (something I am very successful at).

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Of course we enjoy eating the leg and writing them too. So glad to see you pursue your desire. Some recommendations from personal experience, if you have not come across them already. If you don’t currently have the book The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C Smith, it is a book you need Handy.

If you can cover one, get a battery-driven wheelbarrow. An aquaintance of mine got one, and while these are more costly, she said she doesn’t know how she survived before it is doing all the heavy lifting. As you point out that you are a petite person, having mechanical help with all the current heavy lifting and hauling that is user-friendly and body friendly, is priceless. Hope that helps a little, and good luck! Which kind of mustard and cress do grow? Very interesting Hub. My suggestion if you have a whole great deal of local cafes and restaurants is herbal products.

I am associated with a group which makes really good selling fresh natural herbs to local area restaurants in Jacksonville, St Augustine, and other cities in Florida north. I appreciate this site. This is usually a fairy tale desire for some and not until they get involved do they realize what you have submitted and explained so well.

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