Monsters In Your Make-up Bag

Monsters In Your Make-up Bag

The last place on earth you’ll expect to find bugs is in your pristine – or like me, messy, make-up bag. Nevertheless our beauty products are probably filled with an insect called Demodex folliculorum. The more common name for this creature is the eyelash mite. Healthy Vision: Prevent and Reverse Eye Disease through Better Nutrition Buy Now How do eyelash mites endure? The mite can reside in various places like the eyelashes, eyebrows, nose, outer ear canal, forehead, and face. If you have very oily skin, you may be more of a temptation for the mites.

In addition, people who wear very heavy make-up regularly and don’t cleanse their skin properly are seen are an attraction for these microscopic creatures. However, most adults, whatever your skin type, do carry some of the mites someplace. At night and look like something from a sci-fi movie The mites tend to be more active.

  • Use twice or three times a week
  • Removing unwanted body locks
  • 2 TBSP. Annatto seed
  • Vegan Face Moisturizer: Environ’s AVST Moisturizer 1
  • Sadiya Moyeen’s La Belle Beauty Salon
  • 2 teaspoons cooking soda

They have a worm-like body with stumpy hip and legs. Their skin is white and scaly. They have tiny claws with which they hang on, while they bury themselves head first into the skin. Dead skin cells are eaten by using needle-like protrusions from their mouths. However, in addition they enjoy lapping up sebaceous gland excretions. The female tends to favor the hair follicles for laying her eggs and this is where in fact the babies hatch. The bad information is that we now have not a complete great deal of remedies to resolve the problem. Some tips suggest cleansing and exfoliation.

Others advise that tea-tree oil structured products are good for getting rid of the mites. Scientists have shown that these mites are not only harmless – if you don’t have an army of them – however they may also execute a congrats to keep the eye area clean from old epidermis cells and other debris.

On the problem, if there are way too many mites fighting over one follicle this may cause itching and/or redness. More seriously they could cause pores and skin infections – although this has not been absolutely confirmed. What research data does show is that in the cases identified below there is an increased variety of mites on the patient. Before scanning this article were you aware of eyelash mites?

See results Why do we have to worry about our make-up hand bags? Just what exactly has all this surely got to do with your make-up handbag? Well as it happens research demonstrates when the mites find their way into clumps of mascara, these are literally as ‘snug as a insect’. In addition damp make-up sponges, plus your mascara wand, are also favorite habitations. Basically anything that has eyelashes or skin debris of some sort clinging to it will attract the mites. However, instead of having a frantic seek out anything gross crawling around your beauty kit, don’t waste your time.

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