QuickBooks Software Discounts For College Students

QuickBooks Software Discounts For College Students

Faced with more student loans then guess what happens to do with, buying an expensive application for your business and accounting classes is frustrating. For example, students taking payroll, bookkeeping, or accounting classes may be required to buy a copy of QuickBooks. Fortunately, there are Quickbooks software college student discounts available however which can save you significant amounts of money if you shop in the right places.

QuickBooks On A Budget: Which Version Is Right FOR YOU PERSONALLY? Before your grab your credit card and start shopping for QuickBooks or any other software, you have to decide what application you will need. The first question to consider is whether you need QuickBooks for a specific course you are taking (e.g. accounting, general business, bookkeeping etc). If you’re required to purchase QuickBooks for a course, consult with your instructor first to know what version of the product you’ll be using in the class.

What if you need to use an expensive version of QuickBooks (or any other software package for classes)? Furthermore to asking your instructor where to go for discounts, it’s also advisable to visit your college’s bookstore or computer store as they may have software on discount. If, on the other hands, you are interested in QuickBooks to control your own funds or perhaps to handle a little business (e.g. your summer season house painting business), you have a few options to consider.

QuickBooks Online: This web-based service lets you manage your finances on the Web. QuickBooks Pro / QuickBooks Mac: This is actually the standard QuickBooks product with features such as accounts receivable and invoicing. QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Business: Created for medium and large businesses, it is unlikely that a college student shall find this version of use. Discounts for QuickBooks Online are difficult to acquire at this time, so the next section will focus on discounts for the other versions of QuickBooks.

Some of the vendors that offer discounted QuickBooks could also offer Quicken, another Intuit program made for personal finances. If you are interested in managing your personal finances solely, you might find that Quicken is a better application for your needs. Beyond your college bookstore, there are a variety of companies that sell QuickBooks for a discount.

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Prices for software change regularly, so make sure you compare several prices online before making a purchase. Also, be careful of discount rates look too good to be true – such software may be pirated or the business may be supplying a defective duplicate of the product. 100. The features of the different versions vary so make sure that you choose the right one.

Journey Ed is a web store that sells a number of products to students at a discount. Furthermore, to software, the business also offers lots of QuickBooks training materials if you wish to supplement your class teaching. In case your class, instructor, or college can commit to buying at least ten copies of QuickBooks, you can benefit from the Intuit Education Program. Though it needs more effort to coordinate the program than simply buying your own copy, there are other advantages to consider.

Instructors access additional resources and students access additional study resources. The other reason to consider this option is that your college may already take part in the Intuit Education Program and you might not need to buy your own duplicate of this program. Depending on your interests and area of research, there are many different types of discounted software available that you might wish to obtain.

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