Who Are Best Solution’s Staff?

Who Are Best Solution’s Staff?

I don’t often write content like this, because it’s enjoy shooting fish in a barrel. And there are so many warning flag here that savvy writers may wonder why I bother. But there are always a complete lot of new writers searching for agents, a lot of whom are probably new to Writer Beware, and might not yet be clear on what to watch out for.

I also think it’s important, every and then now, to focus on the fundamentals of author self-protection–because as as the submitting landscaping is changing cataclysmically, the basic warning signs remain the same. Best Solution Author Agency (I’ve reproduced it just as written). At Best Solution we alleviate authors of all business concerns, so that writers have the time to do what writers do best – WRITE. We are thinking about our authors long-term success.

We supply the assistance for a authors career. Our authors benefit from our editorial experience in shaping their manuscripts/proposals before submitting these to publishers. As open public relation representatives, we focus on personal client attention. We’ve a persuasive team of consultants who’ll create the proper media needed to get you publicity. Such as for example interviews, articles, reserve signings , reviews and many others.

Because our providers have long term human relationships with particular web publishers and editors we can sell a proposal faster than a writer can. Our familiarity with publishing companies enable us to target proposals to the most appropriate companies. Our real estate agents have experience as author consultants for major posting and promotional companies.

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We know the road to try promote and sell an writers work. We have cable connections in the film industry, publishing companies, and multi-media marketing companies, Our real estate agents are well journeyed and also have attended many publication Hollywood and shows pitch fests in the past. We are a growing company and take pride in promoting works of each genre.

We have no reading fee. When you are ready for us to have a look at your manuscript send us a one or two page summery and up to three chapters not exceeding 50 web pages. We also offer a Critiquing Service for a little fee. I have just a few openings on my client list and I am looking to fill those openings. So let’s count number the red flags, in ascending order of security alarm.

Cold-call solicitation. Reputable realtors will sometimes straight approach an author whose work they’ve seen and liked (and if so, will reference that work). However they don’t rely on mass email solicitation to build their customer lists. Multiple punctuation and spelling mistakes, both in the email and on the agency’s website (lacking apostrophes, “summery” for “overview,” etc.).

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