How To Notarize Your Divorce Papers UTILIZING A Notary Public

How To Notarize Your Divorce Papers UTILIZING A Notary Public

Notaries are no problem finding, if small communities even. Most banks, real estate offices, insurance law, and companies employ notaries who can certify divorce papers. Contrary to popular belief, not absolutely all courthouses employ notaries, however. Even if your court clerk is a certified notary, he or she may be barred from offering notary services to the general public. Once you find a notary public, he or she will look within the documents and verify that you are a valid party to the divorce case.

First, compile your paperwork. Before ending up in the notary public, gather up all divorce papers that need to be notarized. You can identify these papers by searching for a notary block, which is a space by the end of the record that provides room for a notary public’s signature and seal. In many states you’ll want multiple divorce documents notarized, together with your divorce complaint, financial affidavit, and assisting documentation.

The notary must certify each one of these documents individually. Generally, the notary will charge a small fee for each document she notarizes. Search for licensed notaries public in your state and city through Notary Rotary. You will need to show the notary public proof your identification also. To notarize your articles, the notary public shall need to see proof that you will be who you say you are.

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Generally, a driver’s license, passport, or some other form of state-issued picture identification card shall be sufficient to have divorce papers notarized. Generally, the notary will also check to make sure that your signature on your divorce papers matches the main one on your picture ID. If you do not have any valid or current picture ID, you will generally need to apply for such a record before you have your divorce papers notarized.

In some rare instances, state law may allow you to have documents notarized without showing a picture ID. Information for trying to get a new state ID card – Steps for finding a new state ID card, listed by state. Present the notary, public with your divorce papers. The notary will review your paperwork and review the documents with you to ensure that you know what you are putting your signature on. She’ll also verify that no party is coercing you to get a divorce, indication away your property privileges or relinquish custody of your children.

If the notary has any questions about whether you are being forced to sign the divorce papers–for example–if your partner is with you and has been angry, the notary public might decline to notarize your personal. Further, the notary can look on the documents for any special notarization instructions to ensure that your paperwork is done properly.

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