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Day: January 1, 2020

Business That Cares

Business That Cares

World Vision, about the frustrating corporate and business response for sending aid to victims of the earthquake. Back in January we published: From Cell Phones To Shoes, HOW EXACTLY TO Use Your Business TO GREATLY HELP Haiti, where we outlined stories about businesses large and small that were pitching along with helping out in an enormous variety of ways. World Vision has seen this type of increase also as this tragedy has been a catalyst for businesses to respond to the need for sending aid more nimbly and for partnering with help organizations more effectively.

While World Vision commends their corporate partners for his or her generosity prior to this and other more recent disasters, these are lauding the surge of giving and partnering from the corporate sector that is continuing to grow since then. David Owens, vice president of corporate development for World Vision. Verizon’s financial support for Haiti came through a variety of areas including grants or loans from the Verizon Foundation and a program to match worker contributions dollar-for-dollar.

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The company also created a Haiti donation micro site … Read the rest