2. How Did You Get Into Investing?

2. How Did You Get Into Investing?

I would like to apologize for the hold off in posting. I had formed wanted to execute the “Reasons to come for the Investing Workshop” post on Sunday, but it finished up sounding too HARD-SELLING, thus I reverted it to draft instead. However, the short publication got “crawled” into my InvestingNote page and some individuals seem to be quite turned off because of it.

I imagine I made the right choice in turning the post into the draft. The reason I interviewed him was because I sensed he was a little different from the regular investors. Most traders seem to concentrate on news, financials, or charts. But from my conversion with him, he get inspirations from observing “businesses around him” (Something I did in the beginning too) and understand how some of the firms operate. I experienced this is an X-factor that can make him a very good investor with time to come. As for me, I am just happy that my writing has helped people to make investments.

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Without further ado, let’s get straight to the interview questions and his answers! 1. Reveal more about yourself. Reader: I am 30 this year and working in the public Service. Though I put a relatively comfortable child years Even, living below my means has been really helpful in my investing journey so far (I’ve only been trading for about two years).

2. How do you enter investing? Reader: I had been inspired after looking within my parents’ CDP statements. They had mainly blue chips, some of which they have held since the 1990s. The dividends that they had been collecting within the last decades influenced me to start investing. 3. What’s your thought process as it pertains to stock-picking?

Reader: My approach is very much indeed skewed towards income trading. Besides dividend yield (which may be quite deceptive), I look at the payout percentage also, EPS growth and other relevant metrics. I also make an effort to read more about different business sectors to get a better understanding of how likely the business is able to grow because of the disruption in various industries nowadays. A number of the blogs that have inspired me are allowed investment journey, a pen thumbtack, and quotations investor. 4. Recognize that you have been using the scorecard since the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard days, how perhaps you have been helped because of it in your trading method?

Reader: The scorecards have made me realize the importance of cash flow and cash holdings of the company with the metrics like free cash flow and ratios like P/FCF. 5. Understand you are a simple Scorecard website subscriber also, how has it far benefited you so? 6. Up to now, what is your very best investment and worst investment because you started trading/trading? Reader: My best investment may be KSH Holdings which got me about 50% gains and I have sold it some time back. Although it didn’t complete the super-scorecard at that time, I decided to invest in KSH because of their consistent dividends and cash flow.

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